BWay Awarded Environmental Achievement Honor

BWay is one of the industry leaders in the world of plastics. In a world reliant on packaging in nearly every aspect of life, working with plastics safely and efficiently is a vital step in reducing energy needs. That’s why we are especially proud of what Maintenance Director Mike Held has accomplished with the facility’s recent energy upgrades.

Using state-of-the-art fixtures, our LED lighting upgrade included both¬†BWay‘s office and production facilities, a large and sweeping campus that relies on the right lighting to work safely and efficiently. LEDs have become a bedrock investment for manufacturers across the country and around the globe as a reliable, cost-effective way to reduce energy costs.

Those savings will add up quickly for BWay. After their upgrade, they can expect to save $16,656 per year on their lighting expenses. That’s money that they can invest in other places in their business, improving other aspects of the facility, and stay competitive in a fast-moving industry. It’s also an energy-saving effort that will benefit their community in Texas; that’s a huge amount of energy off the grid, with less pollution and a smaller carbon footprint.

BWay is pioneering ways to reduce their environmental impact, and it goes to show that companies can be socially-responsible and innovative in how they address things like their energy consumption, their local and global impact, and how their efforts affect the community.

From everyone at Keen Technical Solutions, congratulations to Mike and BWay for their investment in a better, cleaner, and more efficient future!