The Full Picture at VP Demand Creation Services

Keen Technical Solutions has projects happening all across the United States. We love being on the front line of energy efficiency and sustainability no matter where it’s at, and we take a lot of pride in being able to quickly and effectively operate whenever and wherever we need to.

Still, there’s something a little special when we get to stay right here and look to help local businesses in our hometown. Recently, our own TJ Brown made the short drive from Front Street to Aero Park Drive to meet with VP Demand Creation Services and spend some time learning about their publishing, marketing business based here in Traverse City. Formerly known as Village Press, VPDCS is a full-service marketing execution company that offers design, print, digital, and marketing materials and services for businesses ranging from food service to associations and beyond!

Their facility is capable of some big things, and as VPDCS looks to improve their efficiency, TJ spent a few hours on-site personally inspecting everything from lighting, heating, insulation, to current HVAC systems. The most important part of the process is to ask the right questions, especially when it comes to learning about the repair and installation histories of vital components like light fixtures, roof replacement, and new equipment. During the course of an hour-long tour, TJ was able to learn about VPDCS’ history as a firm and how their growth made expanding their facilities imperative to accommodate new business.

The building had seen a number of additions over the year to allow for more presses and design offices, as well as an extensive warehouse wing, now used to house promotional items. When companies go to a conference or tradeshow, VPDCS houses their tents, displays, and goods and takes care of storage, shipping, and set-up on behalf of their clients; that means there are some incredibly cool and very unique items that need a safe place to stay. Lighting this area is important for quick and accurate shipping. TJ even pointed out some opportunities to make that part of the process more energy efficient by updated shipping bay doors in the future to help preserve the building’s envelope in spite of cold winters and hot summers.

In the printing area, TJ quickly noticed that VPDCS could upgrade to more energy efficient, true color lighting fixtures that let printers see the exact colors they’re working and proofing, without relying on a few special lighting booths set up around the printer. It was here that we met Joe, who has been working with VPDCS for forty years, adapting to decades of changing technologies and always excited to see what’s next!

Our consultations always give us a boost of motivation and excitement about what we do, and what we can do for businesses like VPDCS. We’re putting together a comprehensive report of our four-hour inspection; TJ even made a long tour of the roof to check heating units and insulation vital to the building’s HVAC ecosystem!

Want to have TJ swing by your business? It’s a free opportunity to learn what KEEN Technical Solutions can do for your business, and how you can invest in your facilities to save money now and be more competitive in the years to come.