Drawing to Save the Planet

Did that title catch your eye?  I spend most of my days drawing.  I love drawing.  But what I love even more is making our world a better place through helping others to conserve energy.  This is the mission of Keen.  A cool local company working worldwide out of our small slice of heaven here in Northern Michigan.  We are a small, dedicated group of high energy individuals, working together for a common goal that benefits the greater good.  What could be more cool than that?

The drawing we do at Keen helps to shape our actions plans for all the work we do.  Whether its positioning new equipment in a space, or re-purposing a space, planning energy consumption of new equipment, or utilizing smart building technology, a technical drawing helps explain and map out our plan.  A blueprint if you will, and game plan for how we plan to make our clients more economically successful while reducing energy consumption

With lighting design, its important to run at photometric study to determine proper light levels for safety and quality of work, but also to dial in the energy usage throughout the space.  The good thing about LEDs in Commercial and Industrial spaces is they are easy to make “smart” and widely customizable with color temperature and intensity.

Keen is on the cutting edge of the LED revolution.  We are not tied to a specific brand of lights, because the industry is always evolving.  The lighting industry mirrors the entire building industry, constant change.  While there has been a lot of talk about smart buildings, and the IOT (Internet of Things), there is still a lot of development and changes rapidly occurring towards the end goal of automation, control, and most importantly, efficiency for economical and environmental reasons.

Industrial Lighting Design

At Keen it is easy to take pride in our work.  It is easy because it is about so much more than just helping our clients, I its about making the world a better place.  That’s what gets me out of bed in the morning, and up late at night drawing and designing for the benefit of our clients, and our planet.  And did I mention, we have fun?  Our clients are good people, and our team is top notch.  Ok, I beter get back to work.

There are a lot of uncertainties in our world, but one thing is clear:  Our future is bright!

Thanks for reading we all make a difference.



Eli Brown

Energy Solutions Consultant

Keen Technical Solutions