The Energy Storage Solution That Might Be Parked In Your Garage

It’s easy to see energy storage as a massive challenge, and it’s also one that doesn’t get a lot of attention. In spite of the tremendous potential and impact of comprehensive energy storage, it’s not the eye-catching topic that garners headlines or an appropriate level of investment. What does? The secret to energy storage; electric vehicles. 

Few topics in the move to clean energy get quite as many headlines as electric vehicles. And they are coming; experts predict to see as many as 130 EVs on the road by 2030. What does that have to do with energy storage? Don’t look at these EVs as cars. Instead, look at them for what they are; extremely efficient batteries that just so happen to move. 

It’s easy to see stationary and mobile batteries as different things, but there’s an inherent redundancy in having an EV and also looking to power and utilize a battery at your home or business; they’re the same thing. What’s even more effective is that using your EV as an external battery to help facilitate the smaller energy fluctuations in residential, retail, and office spaces literally bring the power to where the people are. When workers are in, their vehicles may be able to help handle and shift load fluctuations that drive up your hourly rate. When they leave, the power needs fall, too, and they take their power with them to where it’s more necessary. 

The interaction between grid and EVs would be minimal, according to experts. In effect, the grid would skim associated batteries to supplement its supply; the more batteries, the less power it will take from each storage source. This would greatly reduce the impact on battery life and degradation, and essentially function as a way for a smart, integrated electrical grid to fine-tune itself. That scale is vital. Those 130 EVs expected to be on the road by 2030? That’s more energy storage than the entire world needs! We could essentially solve energy storage just by supporting and supplementing electric vehicle production. What if we could hit 130 million cars by 2025? It would save even more power and increase efficiency and sustainability on a faster time table than ever before. 

New ideas are what get us into the office every day. We love the innovative thinking and creative that make energy solutions so exciting. Want to learn more? Call Keen and let us bring our creativity to work for your business!