Keen Goes To Washington: Less Cancer Heads To The Capitol

We’ve had a very meaningful relationship with Bill Couzens and his Less Cancer efforts. Next month, we’re proud to be heading to Washington D.C. to support the mission in our nation’s capital. 

For four years now, we’ve been big sponsors and enthusiastic participants in the Less Cancer Ride. The charity bicycle ride has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars to support the wider mission of cancer prevention, and the more specific event that brings the topic to the top of our leaders’ attention. Each February, funds from the Less Cancer Bike Ride help to put on the National Cancer Prevention Workshop on Capitol Hill. The conference brings together health care professionals, advocates, legislators, and community leaders that believe in the importance of cancer prevention. 

The list of speakers and attendees include state and national legislators, governors, and other important decision-makers. It’s our chance to show them our many successes in education and causes, plus stress what the movement needs to do even more. This year, our co-founder Tim Pulliam has been invited to attend as a Less Cancer Bike Ride committee member and a passionate voice in support of active, healthy lifestyles. 

Tim has participated in the Less Cancer Bike Ride for four years and has continued to help plan, recruit riders, and bring in new sponsors that allow the event to bring Less Cancer the funds for the vital work they pursue year-round. We’re believers in the protection of the environment, and that’s a belief that goes beyond our work. Not only do we need to restructure businesses for sustainable, renewable energy in the years ahead. We also have a responsibility to future generations to clean-up chemical spills and contamination from past businesses as well. Cancer prevention is a mission that forces us to realize that we aren’t in the environment, but a part of it. The National Cancer Prevention Workshop is February 5, 2020, and we’ll be bringing you updates throughout the day. To learn more, head to for more on the mission and how you can help.