Less Cancer Bike Ride

Pedaling The Path To Prevention: Less Cancer Bike Ride on June 7

Over the past few years, we’ve really taken a lot of pride in being a part of the Less Cancer mission. This June, we hope you’ll join us in pedaling the path to prevention right here in Traverse City for a great cause.

One of the most overwhelming and encouraging aspects of cancer prevention is how many risks, and how many opportunities, exist within what is a very broad effort. Cancer prevention plays a role in everything from health care access to clean water, chemicals in the goods we buy to the air we drink. Because it appears in so many facets of life, it can feel like a task too big. That’s not how Keen Technical Solutions sees problems, and neither does Less Cancer. We see those challenges as chances, and your opportunity to get involved comes on Sunday, June 7.

The Less Cancer Bike Ride invites cyclists, families, and everyone who wants to be involved to take an active approach to cancer prevention. Choose from a flat and family-friendly 15-mile ride, a 33-mile road ride, or a 62-mile metric century. All of the rides start and finish in Traverse City, Michigan’s Cowell Family Cancer Center and head north into world-famous Leelanau County. The ride is a part of the annual 33rd Annual Cancer Prevention and Survivor’s Picnic. This celebration honors cancer prevention efforts and pays tribute to the heroism of survivors with healthy food, wonderful speakers, and activities for the whole family.

All of the proceeds from the ride go to support Lesscancer.org, a non-profit dedicated to advocating for cancer prevention measures in over forty countries around the world. Less Cancer is supported everything from educating health care professionals to pushing legislation like the 2019 PFAS Action Plan Act. We’re working to inform and protect people from 30-50% of cancers that can be prevented through a healthy environment, active lifestyle, and a nutritious diet.

As always, Keen will be on the road June 7 and enjoying every mile with our friends. We’ve recruited dozens of riders from the community and even from across the state to saddle up and get moving. We hope you’ll take a second to learn more about Less Cancer, and consider registering for the Less Cancer Bike Ride to be a part of great cause and a great day in northern Michigan!