This Week: Keen Pedals For Less Cancer

It’s finally here! While the ride has taken on a slightly different format, the cause is the same. This weekend, we’re riding for cancer prevention and happier, healthier futures for the next generations. 

As we mentioned earlier this month, the annual Less Cancer Bike Ride has taken on a new format this year due to the coronavirus. While we will certainly miss connecting with our friends for two days in the saddle, we’re also excited that this new iteration of the event will allow even more cyclists to take part. In many ways, this is better; it lets people from all over the country to get involved in their own neighborhoods, riding as much or as little as they’re able. 

Less Cancer is working to educate and transform the approach our nation takes toward eliminating cancer. There’s a cure to come, but we can’t wait. There needs to be a renewed emphasis on prevention and access to care. Additionally, we can save lives by arm health care professionals with resources and education to make better, more informed recommendations to their patients. 60% of cancers are preventable. We have the ability to save tens of thousands of lives and improve the lives of millions more by erasing the types of cancer we don’t need to face. 

This weekend, join Keen Technical Solutions for the Alone But Together Bike Ride. On June 6 or 7, go for a bike ride. Whether you go one mile or one hundred, by registering and pedaling, you’ll be a part of the movement to prevent cancer and improve the odds of our kids never having to face cancer in the first place. 

It’s simple. Sign up for the ride here. You can also donate to the Keen Technical Solutions team here and help us contribute to the $200,000 goal Less Cancer has set for 2020. 

Even when we’re apart, we’re together and united in the goal to live healthier lives and prevent cancer from affecting millions of at-risk people around the world. To learn more about the programs and initiatives created toward this goal, head to