Back To Work The Safe Way

Nearly every day, we’re working with businesses that are trying to get back to normal. Understandably, they’re concerned about their employees; here’s how to do everything you can to keep your team safe. 

Across the country, employees have expressed anxiety about returning to offices and buildings. At home, workers have been able to at least mitigate their risk; back face-to-face, so much of their health and safety depends on trusting the responsible behavior of their workmates, as well as their employers. Luckily, there are things you can do.

While surface cleaning and disinfecting high-touch areas do help, the science points that, as a respiratory virus, it’s the air that matters. HVAC systems offer the best opportunity to reduce the risk of a coronavirus outbreak in your workplace. Are you ready to come back to work safely? Here’s a checklist.

  1. Fresh filters. This is one a facilities manager should be able to tackle in no time. As a part of regular maintenance, replacing your air filters regularly improves the performance of your system as a whole and can improve air quality. Now is also a great time to explore different filters that may offer better resistance to COVID-19, such as MERV or HEPA filters. HEPA filters are thicker and ideal for any space with a lot of people in close quarters. Make sure the additional thickness won’t greatly reduce airflow, however. 
  2. Upgrade. If your current system isn’t compatible with HEPA filters, it’s time to retrofit. Trust an experienced HVAC expert to identify the best course of action to reduce cost, accept the most up-to-date and highest rated filters, and have everything working correctly. It’s a process that could include changes to ductwork and or resealing, so be prepared for an in-depth assessment. 
  3. Use Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization. NPHI is a trusted technology that kills approximately 99.9% of airborne viruses. It also reduces odors, allergens, and is adaptable to nearly any HVAC system. 
  4. Mask Up. Finally, use all the tools at your disposal. Even after investing in air purification technology, continue to follow local and federal guidelines. In many states, masks are required indoors, and you can also mandate their use in your workplace. Move desks around to allow for social distancing, offer remote work for those with underlying health conditions, and create support systems that allow those who may have symptoms to stay home. 

We’re here to help. For all of your HVAC and energy needs, call Keen and take action to keep your team healthy.