In a relatively unassuming building on Cass Road, Great Lakes Malting Company is using state-of-the-art equipment to produce world-class malted grains right here in Traverse City. 

Great Lakes Malting Company's mission is to keep things as local as possible, from farm to bottle. Michigan's agricultural power is still extremely formidable, and all the grains sourced for malting come from the Mitten. This practice allows Michigan's booming craft beer industry to use local malted grains for beer that stays primarily in state. There's an added bonus; the assured quality of local grains, plus the close and cohesive relationships formed along the way help ensure that that quality stays high. Owners Jeff Malkiewicz and Mike Chereskin serve as an important link in a chain of local businesses and an integral part of a delicate process. 

That process begins in the fields, with barley being harvested in mid-April through July. This 'spring' barley is then shipped to Traverse City, where Jeff gets after it. First, the barley is steeped in water at just the right temperature to both clean the grain and also start the germination process. After it's cleaned, the germination is helped along in a climate-controlled environment. Then, once the modification process is finished, the barley is cooled and finally put into a kiln, which helps promote the accessibility of starches and enzymes in the grain itself. This makes for more consistent and flavorful flavors and behaviors in the brewing process. It's also during this kilning process that Jeff is able to manipulate the grain to create particular types of finished malts. 

Keen helps maintain the precise equipment along the way, offering installation and efficient changes to make the very most of the energy used in the process. 


We will provide products and services that are easy to operate and understand, resulting in guaranteed energy savings, lower life cycle costs, and reduced demand on our nation’s energy resources.



" We increased our lighting on the interior & exterior areas and decreased our lighting cost! A big improvement in the quantity and quality of light... handling of our rebate and tax incentives was an added bonus. "

- Andrew Genthe