We were proud to join our community to enjoy a screening of this well-crafted and strong documentary. 

Saving Snow looks at how global warming has changed the winter sports industry, as well as the people and places that rely on cold weather and ample snowfall to survive. The documentary, produced by Adaptation Now, offers a more personal look at how everyone is affected by these changes, as well as highlighting some of the measures and steps businesses, communities, and individuals are taking to fight climate change.

We were especially proud to see places like Aspen, Colorado making efforts to become net zero emissions cities on ambitious timetables, with some looking to achieve carbon-free energy as soon as 2022. It comes as no surprise to us to see that its businesses that are often leading the way, adopting energy efficient lighting, heating, technologies on a large scale in a quest to do more, save more, and be more competitive. 

Aspen Skiing Company has gone as far as implementing hydroelectric and solar power as a part of its comprehensive policy of being energy sufficient by renewables not down the line, but right now. Companies and communities making the commitment understand, too, that being energy efficient isn't just an investment in the environment; it's a vital investment in being competitive for decades to come, especially as many of these resorts look to offer a more year-round calendar of events that diversify their experience to rely less on what's becoming too unreliable, namely, cold winters and heavy snow. 

There are a number of vocal organizations looking to make a difference, and it was a treat to see the athletes of the US Ski Team show their support for fighting the effects of climate change. Locally, the Grand Traverse Area Citizens Climate Lobby serves an important role in organizing a cohesive message to local, state, and national politicians. 

For more about the film, the environmental and economic effects of climate change, and how you can get involved, head here.

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- John Hall, Plant Manager CCS Lakeville