We've been a title sponsor of the Farmland 5 and Free For All Bike Race for a few years now for a lot of reasons, but the biggest one is that it's fun! 

Like so many community events, the competition is balanced out with great support and a lot of folks just hoping to have a good time. And on this edition of Farmland, the weather really cooperated! Instead of cold and snow, we eased into December with temperatures around 50 degrees and ample sun to making the 5 runners and the bike race both extremely fast, fun, and warm. 

After a great run, with Hannah and Parker Pulliam getting podiums in the kids' races, we were finally in our element for the bike race. Mike Powers was all over the front, with Tim Pulliam, Kyle Macdermaid, and Marc Brunette all in the hunt for top ten overall. Mike nabbed third, with Kyle fifth and Tim in sixth. Marc and Jaime Vaughn both had great rides for the squad, too. 

With so much support on the side of the course, it's no wonder the guys had  a great showing in the Combined classification. The unique quirk at Farmland is the chance to win the overall, which adds up your run and bike time to pick the ultimate winner of the day. Mike Powers was fourth and Kyle took fifth against some very talented athletes! 

Thanks to all the volunteers who made the race possible, and you know we'll be back for Farmland in 2018! Make sure you head over and check out the full results from Endurance Evolution.


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