It's the biggest trend in business. Companies of all sizes are looking at their energy sources and opting, whenever possible, for sustainable alternative and renewable sources. That attention is something environmental advocates have hoped to see for decades, with wind, solar, geothermal and other avenues becoming more viable options. Even on the largest industrial scales, wind and solar in particular have become hot topics for use and investments, and have repeatedly proven they stack up against coal. 

But as more and more companies, municipalities, and organizations have put more specific goals and numbers onto paper, it's quickly becoming obvious that only addressing power sources won't be enough. To meet those goals, and to become and to stay competitive in any field, firms need to take bigger steps to address the efficiency of their heating and cooling systems. 

Even with over 8 gigawatts of power contributed by wind and solar in the US, firms can have even bigger impact by addressing the efficiency opportunities that exist inside their day-to-day operations. It's the inefficiency inside a company that draws anywhere from 30-50% of a company's energy consumption, according to the EPA. This 'thermal demand' is such a large percentage of energy use that experts explain that it's simply not possible to meet expectations without making changes in heating, cooling, drying, or industrial scale functions. 

Cities in the United States have established 100% renewable goals by as soon as 2022, and with most currently relying on coal for heating their municipal buildings or campuses, it's absolutely vital that efficiencies are addressed alongside with replacing those out of date systems. 

Keen Technical Solutions is uniquely situated to provide expert analysis, consultation, installation, and maintenance for companies, cities, and other municipalities. We're excited to be able to help firms prepare for these big changes and to help keep them as competitive institutions for years to come. 

For more, check out this great piece on GreenBiz, with a special mention a Michigan automotive plant that's ready to see big changes- and soon! 


We will provide products and services that are easy to operate and understand, resulting in guaranteed energy savings, lower life cycle costs, and reduced demand on our nation’s energy resources.



" The installers did a great job for us. They worked around our daily activities with no impact to our productivity. The entire install was completed in a little over a week! Light levels are great. "