Traverse City is abuzz with all things Iceman! The Iceman Cometh Challenge is the largest one-day mountain bike race in North America, hosting over 4,000 racers from all over the country for the 30-mile dash from Kalkaska to Traverse City. 

In the morning, thousands of riders will line up according to their ability and age and race bar-to-bar along two-tracks, singletracks, gravel roads, and whatever else has been dreamed up to see who can put down the fastest time. Keen Racing will have a whole slew of riders taking on the challenge, including Jon Houlberg, Tim Pulliam, Marc Brunette, Eric Mannix, John Semeyn and more! Most of our riders are in Wave 2, which leaves Kalkaska at 9:32 am. Wave 2 has actually posted the fastest times in previous years, with the wave going all out to try to catch the front of the first wave, which is given a two-minute head start. 

The Iceman Cometh also features an Elite race, and we're proud to have our friend Jeff Owens flying the colors in that category. The Elite or Pro race doesn't start until nearly everyone else has already finished, at 2:30 pm. Owens will be up against not just the best riders in Michigan, but current US National Champion Howard Grotts, former champion Stephen Ettinger, and professional riders from all over the country! We'll be on the infamous Icebreaker Hill cheering on our guy Jeff to bring it home! 

After Iceman, it's tradition to get together with your fellow racers and relive the race, the moves, and winners and would-have-wons over a few beers and great food. It's a celebration of cycling, of community, and of great friendships forged in the woods of Northern Michigan. It's about more than the race; it's a look at the season that started with fat bike races back in January and has finally wrapped up in November. Thousands of miles, dozens of races, and countless memories later, the 2017 season ends on the highest note possible at the biggest race around. 

If you're racing, have fun, good luck, and we'll see you at the finish line! 


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" "The lighting looks great, but now I will have to repaint the walls since its so bright in here" -John Hall, Plant Manager "

- John Hall, Plant Manager CCS Lakeville