We at Keen pride ourselves in never sitting still, never settling in, always hungry to learn and develop more.  This was the case last week as two of our family were on the road for professional development.

Abraham Canfield runs our HVAC division.  This past week he was off in Missouri attending a three day seminar for Wattmaster Control System.  Heres what Abe had to say;

"Wattmaster training and business offices are located in a retired limestone mine under Parkville University, along with 20 other businesses as well. The experience was very good. Three of the six instructors had been with Wattmaster over 30 years.  It was a wealth of knowledge that they crammed into the class. The technology that Wattmaster puts into the Aaon Roof Top units to achieve the best and efficient way to achieve heating and cooling while maintaining room temp, humidity, and dehumidifying controls, achieving and maintaining building pressure with adequate outside air etc. I was very impressed with all this and the people behind it.  One of the things I walked away with from this training was just as each Aaon unit with its Wattmaster controls is custom made for each job,  so they want their relationship with each of us in the field to be.  All this fine technology both software and hardware is great but it is made by and supported by good people. Relationships is where its at."

Abe at Cave entrance Parkville,MO



Eli Brown is part of our lighting design team.  He has been drawing up photometric lighting layouts for two years now, but was ready to take a step up and learn from the pros.  Eli went down to Sawgrass, Florida on the edge of Fort Lauderdale to train for two days with the AGi32 Professional Photometrics Team.  Here is what Eli had to say;

"It was due time that I jumped in and took a class from the AGi32 team.  I had always heard they were the best, but needed to see what it was all about first hand.  They are truely the best in the business when it comes to commercial and industrial lighting design.  We are getting really busy at Keen supporting our sales team who are working on LED lighting retrofit and new construction lighting projects.  Although, I'm more of a fair weather guy, I had to hit the road for Southern Florida and see what I could learn.  The class was excellent.  We are now able to create more accurate, and more detailed pictures to simulate what different fixtures can do in a variety of spaces.  I'm excited for the new tricks I've picked up.  From both the technical and practical side, to the bells and whistles, it was well worth the trip.  Now its time to put the practice into action.  The greatest thing about Keen is that we are always learning new things, but at the same time, we are able to put these new skills into practice immediately."  


Elis view in Southern Florida


We will provide products and services that are easy to operate and understand, resulting in guaranteed energy savings, lower life cycle costs, and reduced demand on our nation’s energy resources.



" As part of our sustainability and resilience strategies, Oryana works to reduce our environmental impact by investing wisely in energy saving technologies, recycling, water quality, savings, and other opportunities.  Keen has been a great partner in this quest. "

- Steve Nance GM