Wind turbines are perhaps the most universal symbol of renewable energy. Around the world, the tall turbines are instantly recognizable as a source of electricity to towns and cities. But the two most basic elements of those turbines are actually what make them hard to maintain. 

The height of turbines is a major obstacle for routine maintenance, as well as contributing to higher costs in materials. The blades, which are massive themselves, are also costly to produce and more difficult to maintain. The benefits of wind power are absolutely competitive with non-renewables, but reducing those costs could help bring the technology to more communities than ever before. 

A company in Spain is rethinking the turbine, envisioning a more efficient, less expensive to maintain option that will bring wind power to the masses. Vortex Bladeless has designs and prototypes for a turbine that has no blades, with an emphasis on a design the reduces the amount of materials needed to produce turbines capable of the same output of more conventional turbines already in use. 

Vortex says it sees their technology being applicable to residential needs, capable of powering homes and apartment blocks on their own or perhaps offering supplemental power already provided by the grid. 

Wind, as well as other renewables, are becoming more and more competitive as power sources, and especially on the scale of an individual home or business, are already viable and long-term solutions. We're excited to follow these technologies as they develop, and already take great pride in utilize current cutting-edge technology at your location. 


We will provide products and services that are easy to operate and understand, resulting in guaranteed energy savings, lower life cycle costs, and reduced demand on our nation’s energy resources.



" It isn't often when a company can enhance the workplace environment for its employees, improve its workers productivity, contribute significant cost savings to make it more competitive and reduce its environmental footprint at the same time. "

- Cindy Johnson