Innovation. Efficiency. Energy.

We bring more than know-how to your project. We bring a passion for sustainable practices that’s positively infectious. Because it’s all about energy.

Why Keen?

Because of the Team. Depth, Passion, and Creativity.

Meet the Team


Robert Underhill

Vice President

Bob is a specialist in identifying the most cost effective areas to invest in your facility. He’s interested in finding solutions for unique problems, no matter how large the facility is or how high the energy need may be.

“It’s economics that’s driving change. Cost-effective and efficient technologies have created an atmosphere of affordability for implementation of alternative energy solutions needed to relieve our Utility Grid System.”

Stephen Morse

CEO / Co-founder

At Keen, we’re all about energy. That means more than just powering your building; the right attitude, the right outlook, and the right people make all the difference. No one embodies that more than Steve. He’s the brings an unstoppable sense of optimism that’s infectious and fun. As co-founder, he’s the driving force behind our success since Day One.

“Every company, no matter how big or small, as the opportunity every single day to be a part of a better future. That doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice being competitive; in fact, that sense of right and wrong is vital to lasting success.”

Tim Pulliam

President / Co-founder

Tim brings an unmatched level of energy to everything he does. From working with our clients to implement new technologies, re-imagine entirely new systems by grabbing from current materials, to flying the flag for Keen Racing, Tim is always on the move. Tim is a vital resource for both our staff and clients to make the best decisions and drive change through our work.

“Planning for tomorrow is good. Planning for the next five years is smart. Planning for the next twenty years and anticipating technology changes before even manufacturers do; that’s Keen.”


Matt Morse


Matt works in our main office and keeps track of our many operations teams. With jobs happening across the country, it takes a sharp eye and incredible attention to detail to put our teams in a position to succeed, no matter what comes up. He’s in charge of all accounting, handles invoicing, and schedules the right people to be in the right place at the right time.

“Being that I have a background in Culinary Arts, I’ve learned a lot about where our food comes from, how its grown and how sustainability is the key to the future. I want to make sure, no matter how big the impact, that I leave this planet more sustainable than I found it.”

Ted Shaw

Operations and Materials Procurement

Have you ever met someone who is always positive, upbeat, and ready to take on anything? That’s Ted. He’s a vital member of the team for how well he puts the tools and materials we need in place. From ordering a screwdriver to sourcing the latest solar panels, he always delivers what our clients need on time, the first time. When issues come up, Ted is the one who handles any warranty issues with our supplies. He’s also a famously skilled cook and loves firing up the grill, especially for a good cause!

“I have always hitched myself to small, winning, and fun companies. Keen is my favorite. We have a great time getting to know our customers with passion. Pairing their activity based interests with Keen’s and helping them get up to speed with new technology with a quick Return On Investment.”

TJ Brown

Energy Solutions Consultant

TJ knows how to identify the best areas to improve your facility’s energy environment. He nearly two decades worth of experience, construction background, Energy Management certification, and ability to worth with your team helps paint a picture. He handles most of our energy audits and can find the incentives and financing applicable to your region or industry.

“I work for Keen because the leadership remembers where they came from. We place value on the success of our team. While working at Keen, we will always learn, have great benefits, access to professional development, and be rewarded for the success of our company.”


Eli Brown

Energy Solutions Consultant

Eli does a bit of everything for Keen! He is quick to lend a hand with Sales, Marketing, and Project Management roles. Eager to lend a hand, he’s a vital part of our operations across the country.

Keen has helped Eli develop as an expert in Industrial LED lighting with advanced controls, creating layouts with photometric and programming implementation.

Outside of work, Eli is also a ski technician for the US Nordic Ski team, a role that has taken him around the world and to the 2018 Olympics! When he’s not working or testing skis, you’ll find him outside riding, skiing, and running with his family.

“I’m driven to help make the world a better place for my children. Pretty cool to help clients save money while at the same time reducing their impact on the grid!”

Danielle Moore

Energy Solutions Consultant

Danielle is a proud mother who loves Michigan’s beautiful geography, water, and sports that surround the Great Lakes Region. Danielle is a trusted face of Keen who is passionate about delivering energy saving solutions to our community and is most often in the field building long-standing relationships through her dedication and commitment to serve our clients.

“I chose the Keen Team because I trust that we are a group that does the right things, for the right reasons, EVERY time.”

Mike Powers

Energy Solutions Consultant

Mike has experience in nearly every facet of energy efficiency, from managing dynamic projects to implementing complex controls in lighting and electrical. His ability to adapt to anything, learn on the move, and maintain great relationships is a valuable skill set that he brings to work every single day.

“Since I was a kid, I have always enjoyed applying math and science to solve problems. Working with Keen, I am able to develop energy-saving projects that reduce our environmental impact, benefit the economy, and create jobs. All are fulfilling accomplishments. I enjoy an active lifestyle and appreciate the culture that encourages racing bicycles and participating in community 5k fundraisers.”

Greg Zenn

Energy Solutions Consultant

Greg is known for a lot of things. The first is his ability to work with our clients to help them make the most of the technologies that Keen has put at their finger tips. We don’t install and leave; Greg is with you to make sure your new lighting system is optimized and that your facilities managers know all the intricate workings of these complex controls. This is how we know that you don’t just have the tools, but the knowledge that you need to reduce energy usage every single day.

“Keen is really amazing. We save the environment while creating a great working environment!”

Field Services

Aaron Powers

Energy Consultant and Marketing

Aaron brings experience, enthusiasm, and a banjo to the Keen team. He’s an industry-recognized leader in mechanical insulation and known for tackling projects big and small with the same attention to detail. When he isn’t solving the world’s energy problems, he’s strumming his beloved banjo and traveling the world!

“The world of energy is changing at a rapid pace and we at Keen have the amazing fortune to be able to be on the forefront of how these changes are happening. Every day is an awesome new adventure!”

Marc Brunette

HVAC Operations

Marc works with HVAC projects big and small.