Virginia Steps Forward: Carbon Neutral By 2050

Sometimes, we need to hear more about commitments and successes to really see that renewables and alternatives are here. These are viable, and in Virginia, they’re a vital part of the state’s energy future. 

Last week, Virginia announced plans to rely on solar energy to cover 45% of the state’s energy needs by 2050. That’s just one slice of a plan that will make the state carbon-free by that same year, and the investment in wind today comes with a detailed, ambitious incorporation of wind that starts soon. 

The numbers are impressive. According to the release on Friday, October 18, the plan will see four separate solar projects generate a total of 345 megawatts, with another 75-megawatt wind facility providing even more power. The solar projects are being managed by Dominion Energy, with Apex Clean Energy handling the wind side of things. 

What might be just as important as the numbers is the support these projects seem to have in the most recent election. Governor Ralph Northam’s campaign centered on introducing and investing in projects just like this, and seeing his victory is proof that renewables have support. In fact, the entire East Coast seems to be leading the way in renewables, with states like New York and New Jersey offering hundreds of millions in contracts to wind, solar, and energy storage projects in 2018 and 2019. 

While county and state governments are exploring these options, we’re finding plenty of businesses that see the successes of the public sector easy apply to private firms. We’re able to bring the same technology to any scale, optimize for any industry, and create energy systems that work for manufacturers, retailers, warehouses, and more. 

For more on Virginia’s ambitious renewable plans, head here

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