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Resources To Improve Air Purification Before Fall

Right now, the American Sun Belt is bearing the brunt of the coronavirus epidemic. Will things go dark in the northern states once we need to turn up the heat?

While it’s been very difficult to connect the impact of air conditioning and the spread of the coronavirus, but the seasonal and regional shift in cases surges seems very closely aligned. In March, the states facing the most cases, and most deaths, were focused in the northern states, where many were still in the grips of a cold winter. As states reopened in late spring, cases in the north dropped; heating units were turned off, and people could more easily meet out of doors, when necessary. resources for covid-19

On the flip side, states in the South met peak temperatures by late June and early July. They were driven inside to get out of the heat. Combined with relaxed guidelines on gathering and social distancing, cases skyrocketed. Today, Florida is the epicenter of the pandemic, consistently seeing 10,000 new cases per day. States like Texas, Arizona, and others are also facing new record highs almost daily as well. 

There’s more and more evidence that the coronavirus wreaking havoc around the globe is airborne. That means it’s not just heavy droplets that fall quickly to surfaces; instead, the pathogens stay in the air where they are more likely to be breathed in and spread. We’ve been quick to offer Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization technology to kill 99% of airborne pathogens and get people back to work, and school, safely. 

The Environmental Protection Agency has provided a number of resources for schools, businesses, and other facilities looking to improve their HVAC systems. We’re providing tools to keep people safe, and we’re eager to help answer any questions you might have. 

Resources Related to Indoor Air and Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Additionally, some counties may qualify for federal aid to implement health and safety equipment to protect against coronavirus. To see if you qualify, check this list

Will cases spike as families, schools, and businesses turn on the heat this winter? We aren’t waiting to find out.