National Cannabis Industry Association Announces Sustainability Plan

The cannabis industry knows that it has a tremendous responsibility to improve its sustainability. The National Cannabis Industry Association recently released a comprehensive study that includes recommendations on how to improve sustainability and efficiency for growers. 

It’s a testament to the forward-thinking leaders in the industry that sustainability is already such a top priority. With demand on the rise, the energy needs of cannabis production will increase by over 162% in the next three years. That demand is set to possibly increase even more, with 15 states approving the production and sale of cannabis products, while a full 36 have some legislation allowing the careful and monitored commerce of the product. In the not too distant future, many anticipate full legalization, opening up even more markets and opportunities to bring the product to more consumers than ever before.

However, that will mean more energy than ever before, which is why the NCIA’s 58-page report is so important.  

The report includes a number of energy-specific priorities and best practices in detail, but it goes beyond power. The report also mentions ways growers can reduce their impact on landfills, emissions, lower their water usage, and other vital ways the cannabis industry can grow sustainably. 

As demand has increased, we’ve worked with more and more brands that are balancing the need to get to market with the need to be competitive in the long-run. The brands that get it understand that by investing in energy-saving solutions today, they’ll save money and improve their production so they are stronger in the long-run, something that flash-in-the-pan outfits don’t quite grasp. As supply increases to eventually meet demand, margins will make all the difference, and the companies that have invested in energy-saving technology and arm themselves with real-time data will have a huge advantage. 

If you’re interested in learning more about how Keen can help your cannabis production facility to do more with less energy, and less expense, call us today to get started.