Small business owners examine energy expenses.

Renewable Energy for Small Business

No matter the size of your business, there are some important benefits to adding renewable energy sources to your facilities. Energy bills are some of the most challenging expenses for a small business. One of the toughest parts of managing energy expenses is their unpredictability. Done right, renewable energy can stabilize monthly expenses to make them easier to budget for, not to mention lower them across the board.

Solar for Small Business

Solar energy for small business owners is one of the ideal solutions to lowering energy costs and reducing exposure to utility grid price fluctuations. The costs of solar energy have dropped considerably in the past several years, making the technology more accessible and more affordable to a wider range of commercial enterprises. Installation on foods, walls, parking lots, or walls offers myriad opportunities to tailer the panels for maximum efficiency.Small business owners examine energy expenses.

The addition of energy storage to solar is especially advantageous. Depending on your energy needs, energy storage batteries could cover many of your energy needs during low-demand periods like overnight or in the evening.

Wind Energy for Small Businesses

Wind energy is extremely efficient and, like solar, the cost for wind turbines has fallen dramatically. The challenge for wind energy implementation is often space. Small businesses like farms which have the space to install the right number of turbines to generate the power they need.

In urban settings, it is possible to install smaller turbines on top of buildings, though these may only contribute a modest amount of electricity.

Geothermal Heat Pumps for Small Businesses

Geothermal heat pumps take advantage of the early constant temperatures to heat or cool buildings. Using a ground heat exchanger, air delivery system, and heat pump unit, this system can significantly lower energy costs associated with heating and cooling offices, factories, restaurants, and retail centers.

While the initial cost of geothermal can be intimidating, it also offers one of the quickest return on investment, especially in places that see hot summers and frigid winters and need to actively regulate indoor temperatures year-round.

It All Starts with Energy Efficiency

Small business owners can make a big impact on their energy expenses by focusing on energy efficiency before adding renewable energy. As energy efficiency consultants, we help business owners and facility managers identify opportunities to improve energy efficiency and reduce costs through:

  • Improved HVAC efficiency
  • Automated lighting systems
  • LED light fixtures
  • Improved insulation
  • And more!

Bring Renewable Energy to Your Small Business

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