The US Capitol Building from a distance.

Build Back Better Energy Rebates for Businesses

The US Capitol Building from a distance.

As the government works to pass both the Infrastructure social elements of the Build Back Better Plan in what have turned out to be two different pieces of legislation, businesses may have lost sight of some of the key features of the plan. Energy efficiency at home and in the workplace are vital elements in the race to reduce carbon emissions now, as well as meet the goal of net-zero emissions by 2050.

We’re taking a look at some of the rebates and programs in place that businesses can take advantage of.

Supporting Solar Panel Manufacturing

A large part of the Build Back Better energy legislation is to support the growth of green energy industries. The bill’s most important element is extending the number of years existing credits are eligible for those who qualify. For consumers, this means a 30% reduction in rooftop solar installation, which should greatly increase demand.

The bill also calls for up to $2 billion to improve energy and water efficiency in multifamily affordable housing. The provides an excellent opportunity to have a positive impact on energy use on a much larger scale than individual households as well as empower residents to see themselves as a part of the green movement.

Targeting States with the Highest Emissions

One late addition to the bill focuses on investing in home and small businesses with energy-specific infrastructure improvements. The $250 million program includes revolving loans, with a stipulation that 60% of the program’s funds will be targeted towards the 15 states with the highest energy use per capita.

This element supports updates that expand tax incentives for both residential and commercial upgrades to existing structures. It also proposes what are terms “deep energy retrofits” of commercial buildings.

This offers commercial manufacturing facilities a number of opportunities to access funds to reduce energy expenses and meet both mandatory and voluntary sustainability goals.

Work with an Energy Efficiency Expert

While more details on this legislation are still to come, we’re already working with clients to identify the renewable energy programs, loans, and grants best suited to their needs. We know that every industry will need to adapt to meet the climate crisis as well as stay competitive in a challenging business environment.

Let’s get started. Contact Keen Technical Solutions to reduce your commercial energy expenses today.