Less Cancer Ride 2019: Pedaling The Path To Prevention

We’ve worked with Bill and the team at LessCancer.org for years because theirs is a mission worth fighting for. Cancer prevention is the most realistic, accessible avenue to fight cancer in families both here in Michigan and around the world.

Roughly 50% of cancers are preventable. By addressing lifestyle changes, limiting environmental factors, and educating doctors and health care providers, Less Cancer has brought cancer prevention to the center of the conversation since its inception in 2012. They rely on grassroots donations to keep the foundation going. They refuse to take money from big corporations, focusing on supporting real people with a real, honest representation.

That’s where we come in. Each year, the Less Cancer Ride is the biggest fundraiser on the calendar, and to match its scale, and its potential, we pedal the path to prevention. This year, the ride is scheduled for Sunday, June 9. Riders can choose from distances ranging from 20 miles to 100, starting and finishing at Cowell Family Cancer Center in our hometown of Traverse City, Michigan. Once back at CFC, riders can enjoy a free meal as a part of the Survivor’s Picnic, an annual celebration of those who have faced, fought, and defeated this terrible disease.

Can’t make the ride? You can support the mission and the Keen team by making a donation here. Cancer prevention may not have the splash of a cure, but until such a cure is possible, it’s the most effective tool we have to save lives.

For more, head here and help us make a difference on Sunday, June 9.