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Chill Out: Cold Storage Energy Efficiency

Commercial Cold Storage Energy Efficiency

Commercial refrigeration is a vital component of feeding a nation. Energy efficiency plays a role in keeping these cold storage facilities viable and keeping the costs of food affordable for everyone. There are many factors that influence cold storage operating expenses and the most innovative companies understand how they can lower expenses and lower emissions, too. 

Cold storage is big business. As an industry, it is valued at over $107 billion annually and is expected to grow by over 13% by 2028. As more fresh produce, meat, and dairy products are produced, those goods need to be kept at strict temperatures to meet federal and state health guidelines.

Cold Storage Energy Efficiency Variables

When we work with cold storage facilities, we often start with the basics. Not only does it help us learn more about the details of a facility, but it also helps the business managers take a renewed look at their business. 

Some of the core elements of cold storage include:

Size – How large of a space will you need to cool, insulate, and control? 

Location – How will your controlled environment interact with other parts of your facility? The location of the refrigerated portion of your business can be more or less efficient based on where it is in your building. 

Insulation – What external factors, such as outdoor heat and climate, access points, or other considerations might affect how the facility is insulated? We analyze key points where energy is lost or heat plays a role in our cooling efforts. 

Regulation – Local, state, and federal bodies all have different standards for temperatures, efficiency, and other operating guidelines for cold storage facilities. Researching and monitoring ensure that your business meets or exceeds these benchmarks. 

Energy Efficient Commercial Refrigeration

Whether you operate an industrial cold storage facility or are looking to invest in a walk-in freezer for foodservice applications, there are several resources to help select the right freezers, compressors, and additional insulation. One excellent resource is, with a focus on industrial freezers and best practices

Energy Savings Estimates

Selecting the most efficient freezers and systems can save the planet and save money over the course of the machine’s lifespan. By reducing energy expenses, facilities can invest in other initiatives to become more competitive and more agile. Having more liquid capital thanks to lower operating costs allows for more flexibility in other areas of the facility, eventually allowing for greater investment in processing equipment or other technologies. 

Clover Leaf Cold Storage Case Study

One of our most exciting and successful projects took place at Clover Lead Cold Storage. We were able to exceed our initial estimates in terms of both energy and cost savings to help prepare the plant for a more efficient energy future 

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