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Business Sustainability: Five Ways Any Business Can Reduce Their Footprint

Business sustainability goes beyond the bottom line. Carbon emissions and energy costs are a problem for everyone. Businesses of every size face similar challenges in operating efficiently and balancing their values. Luckily, investing in green initiatives offers both cost savings and empowers the whole organization by being a part of the green solution. Not every company is in a position to build their microgrid or install a solar array, but there are some concrete things you can do to play your part in the fight against climate change. Continue reading “Business Sustainability: Five Ways Any Business Can Reduce Their Footprint”

California Cannabis Goes LED

California cannabis is the perfect case study for the rest of the country. We’ve made ample note of the out energy demands of most indoor cannabis facilities. In the years ahead, regulators will take a renewed look at cannabis companies, and it won’t be about legalizing weed. It will be about the industry’s energy consumption. Continue reading “California Cannabis Goes LED”

Cannabis Extraction: Energy Savings Practices

Cannabis extraction facilities need help, too. There is a lot of discussion about energy at cannabis grow facilities, but like more products, the raw material is only the beginning. Every cannabis product needs either further processing or testing to ensure quality and safety. One important step in the journey, extraction, offers yet another opportunity to save energy and reduce the industry’s carbon footprint.  Continue reading “Cannabis Extraction: Energy Savings Practices”