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Breath Safely: Air Purification To Stay Healthy Indoors

breathe easy

Breath safely. We might be done with the worry and stress of the pandemic, but it’s not done with us. We remain committed to keeping businesses, schools, hospitals, and everyone safe as we get back to work, back in the classroom, and back on the move.

This thing is only beginning. While there is plenty still to learn about the spread of COVID-19, one thing is clear; when people are indoors in big numbers, there tends to be a spike. Think about it; in the late winter and early spring, the worse hotspots were in cold regions like Michigan, New York, Seattle, and other places where people were stuck indoors.

As summer heat and early easing of lockdown efforts drove people in southern states into air-conditioned buildings, the same thing happened. When the A/C kicked on, the cases surged. As the weather became more temperate further north, case numbers sank.

We’re bracing for the return of thousands of students back into schools this fall, as well as watching how we can best protect the hundreds of teachers and staff it takes to keep our schools going.

Additionally, businesses in our hometown have battled the economic effects of a months-long shutdown and a sluggish season of summer sales. They know they won’t make it through another lockdown, and they also know that they need to protect their staff and customers.

Over the past weeks and months, we’ve been working closely with our local partners to install Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization technology to kill 99.4% of COVID-19 particles in just thirty minutes. NPI is the first air purification system to be tested specifically against this pathogen and has proven time and again to be the most effective way to keep people safe indoors and help them breathe safely.

We’ve put stickers in the windows of local businesses to let both staff and customers know that they can breathe easy. This effort is a way to reduce the spread of a dangerous disease and another way to keep people safe, in addition to CDC guidelines that include hand-washing, wearing a mask, and adhering to social distancing practices in public. Breathe safely, and let’s be a part of the solution.

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HVAC Efficiency For Health


Over the past few weeks, we’ve been inundated with calls from businesses looking for ways to offer their employees clean, safe air. Fall, winter, and spring put indoor air quality under the microscope, and there are a lot of issues to consider beyond the current health crisis. From efficiency to allergies, investing in high-efficiency indoor HVAC is always smart. 

Improve efficiency, lower energy costs, up your productivity, and take care of your workforce? It’s not a magic bullet, it’s your air. With a whole world of authors and experts exposing a new gospel on how to do more in less time, and do it for less, something as simple and important as air quality is too often overlooked. It’s not as flashy as a new desk or a remodeled conference room, but clean air can make a world of difference. 

Lower Repair Costs. It should come as no surprise that a new system will lower your monthly, quarterly, and annual repair costs. With new fixtures, smart tools, and regular maintenance, you’ll breathe a lot easier at night when the weather changes or puts more strain on your HVAC system. Spend more time thinking about where you’ll invest the money you saved! 

Lower Operating Costs. Here’s even more cash to tuck below the bottom line. Energy efficiency has improved in leaps and bounds in just the past few years. While just how much you can save depends on a lot of factors, we offer energy audits that will help us identify how much you can save with an upgraded HVAC system, plus opportunities to reduce other operating expenses like indoor and outdoor lighting. 

Improved Air Flow and Comfort. How is it possible that one employee is cold and another is boiling hot just a few feet away? It’s probably not your people; it’s your airflow. Upgrade systems distribute hot and cool air evenly and efficiently, which means you can all step away from the thermostat and leave the space heaters at home. Not only will it save you money, but it’ll also keep your team focus on their work, not trying to get feeling back into their fingers. 

Better Health For Your Team. A lot of our calls have focused on COVID-19 concerns over the past few weeks, but there are more factors that make HVAC vital in keeping your employees health. New efficient forced air systems offer updated filtration systems that offer clean air with fewer particles to breathe in. While the current health scare is worth looking at, ask any allergy sufferer just how important clean air is to their mood, energy level, work attendance, and general productivity. 

Lower Carbon Footprint. HVAC upgrades contribute to the bigger picture, too. Modern high-efficiency systems save you money and save the planet by lowering carbon emissions. For many companies, investing in a green initiative has been integral in focusing on sustainability and being accountable to their communities. This is one piece of a larger puzzle that can add up to a big difference. 

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